Our Sustainability Policy


Lumiere London have implemented a number of sustainable policies in our venue collection, including recycling, energy saving, sustainable catering options, reducing single use items, providing cycle storage facilities and green car services. 

However, we know that much more needs to be done and we are working towards accomplishing many more.


Our Vision

Lumiere continues its aspirations to be sustainable and to support local communities, international and local charities, including UNICEF, as well as offering workshops, apprenticeships and internships to young people and to champion aspiring artists.  We believe in giving back to create a greener London. We are proud to be currently positively impacting 15/17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is embedded in our core values. We are committed to:

Creating a sustainable future – our sustainability practices mean a lot to us and working with our employees, suppliers and clients we strive to reduce our environmental impact and have a positive effect on the world around us. 

We have embarked on our sustainability journey by partnering with experts, Future Plus, setting ambitious goals and regularly training everyone in our team, so we are all responsible and accountable.

One for food recycling, mixed recycling, and one for all other waste. All of our waste is sent to First Mile to be sorted and 98% is recycled.

Anything that can’t be recycled is turned into energy electricity and biofertilizer by First Mile, our waste disposal people.

We recycle all of our tech, including ink cartridges, batteries, screens and laptops.

We use energy efficient light bulbs throughout our spaces and don’t turn lights on just for show.

On the rare occasion we have excess lunches, we provide our staff with food, offer takeaway options to the client and deliver to nearby homeless shelters.

We source our ingredients and purchase from specially selected local suppliers who are as close to our premises as possible.
Where possible we work with Assured Food Standards to procure Red Tractor products.
Our fish is from MSC certified places, meaning we only use fish that are sustainable.
We do our best to support British farmers and suppliers by using many seasonal fruits, vegetables, meats and fish with effective menu planning.
We thrive on creating healthy menu options that contribute to a healthy diet and well being.
We use china and melamine platters whenever possible and other reusable containers for food presentation rather than disposable items.

We provide still water on tap and use glass carafes and glasses or biodegradable straws with our water coolers rather than plastic cups.

We ask our clients to personalise their cups and glasses with markers.

Our premises in Underwood Works offer free bike storage and changing rooms for clients who want to come by bike.

Currently, Lumiere is in the process of establishing, continuing and maintaining its sustainability strategy by commissioning The Sustainability Group for training and advice and have subscribed to the FuturePlus sustainability benchmarking platform.

As our spaces and ideas grow, so does our commitment to managing that growth in a considerate way. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the sustainability of our business.