Your Event Space in London: The New White Loft


Our event space in London: Bronze Winner as Most Unusual or Unique Venue

Discover the New White Loft, a bronze winner of the 2021 London Venue & Catering Award for the Most Unusual or Unique Venue.
Located in the heart of London, this 2,092 sq ft space is located on the third floor of a fully renovated paper factory, just a 5-minute walk from Old Street Tube and Rail Station.
With a maximum capacity of 140 standing guests, The New White Loft can be rented separately or in conjunction with the adjacent Chalet and The New Victorian Loft.

All the information you need for your event space in London

Get all the information you need to plan your next event or photoshoot at the New White Loft. Learn about capacity for different setups, nearby public transportation, available equipment, and amenities. Discover everything you need to know about our event space in London.

The New White Loft in 3D

Check out our amazing event space in London – The New White Loft! Get a virtual feel for the space with our 3D model and see how your event could look like in this breathtaking venue. Have a sneak peek of the stunning design and intricate details that make this venue one of a kind in London. Get a feel for the size and design so you know exactly what to expect. This 3D Tour will take you through all of our Underwood Lofts. This means that in addition to our New White Loft, you will also be able to see our other venues to hire in London that are located in Underwood as wellThe Chalet connects the New White and the New Victorian Loft and is the perfect space to set up your food or to have your breakout sessions in. Feel free to also look at our other venues to hire in London too.


Get an impression of The New White Loft: Our event space in London

our corporate event venue in London with beautiful lighting

Our Event Space London: The New White Loft with beautiful lighting and AV-Equipment.

Our event space in London with a theatre setup

The New White Loft set up in theater style with 2 TVs.

Our New White Loft in a Cabaret Setup

The New White Loft set up in cabaret style with a TV in the front.


Our Event Space London set up for a drink reception with red tablecloths.


The New White Loft being used for filming.


The New White Loft decorated with plants and 2 chairs.


Our New White Loft beautifully set up with a Christmas Tree.


The New White Loft without a set up.

NW Filming

Our event space London with a filming crew.


Our New White Loft set up in cabaret style with white chairs and multiple TVs.


The New White Loft with a beautiful cabaret set up.


Our event space London set up for a photography shoot.


Our Event Space in London: The New White Loft set up in theatre style with a coffee station and snacks to the right.

circular dining tables

The New White Loft set up in a mixture of theatre and cabaret style.

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Check out the New White Loft, one of the coolest and most unique event spaces in London. Take a virtual tour through our online gallery and see the amazing design and all the little details that make this space special. Check out how it’s been set up for previous events to get ideas for your own. Let your imagination run wild and picture your next event, photoshoot, or film session in this breathtaking space.


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The New White Loft is the ultimate event space in London! If you want a space that’s both beautiful and versatile, with all the modern amenities you need, this is the place for you.

The New White Loft boasts a stunning design and all the little details that make a big difference. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, photo shoot or anything else, this venue will set the scene for an unforgettable experience.

It’s no wonder why it’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after locations in the city! Book your visit today and see the magic for yourself.


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